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Christchurch Waiting Angel

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Angels, also known as Cherubim’s and Seraphim’s, are considered spiritual messengers providing encouragement, protection, deliverance, and provision. They date back to the Bible, when heavenly hosts of angels announced the birth of the Christ child.
To this day we continue to believe these heavenly bodies are among us, guiding, and guarding us in our lives.
Reflective repose and anticipation are characteristics of this Angel sculpture.
Created to represent peacefulness as she sits in a crouched position with her eyes focused heavenward. Her flowing gown, restful wings, and smile, express a pose of tranquility, waiting for her next assignment, a message, or angelic reinforcements.
May this sculpture provide a source for calmness, peacefulness, comfort, and enthusiastic fulfillment.
Made of cold cast resin. Hand painted.
L: 5.25" x W: 5" x H: 9.25"

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